A Journey Toward

Welcome to the Post Adoption Journey! I am so glad that you found your way here. This private space was created for women like you who have placed a child for adoption. May you receive all the love, encouragement and hope intended for you along your personal adoption journey. 

When first-time author and birth mom advocate, Kim ventured into the post-adoption world she found she needed some sort of a guide to help her find her way. After creating the best possible space for birth moms, she created a guide of her own - "The Post-Adoption Journey Guide."

Today, it's a resource to help new birth moms navigating the post-adoption journey so that they never have to walk the post-adoption journey alone. 

Join, Kim, birth mom and post-adoption life coach as she walks this part of the journey with you. Together you'll examine some of the experiences that led up to the adoption decision and some of the natural emotions you may be processing. You'll have access to the resources that can help you to create a life where nothing unexpected can throw you off course.

Discover the special places awaiting you as you embark on "The Post Adoption Journey," including helpful tools. Each one was lovingly prepared for you to be able to receive the encouragement and support needed for the journey. They will keep you focused and grounded as you travel.

Take some time to look around and explore. Learn where everything is located within the trail so that you can return as often as needed. If you lose your way just click on the North Star above. It will always be there to guide your way.

Be safe on the journey and remember….. Never lose hope. <3

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Life's a trip and you shouldn't have to navigate it alone. I've walked this path before and I'll show you the way!  - Kim

Meet your host & guide, Kim Noeth

As a birth mom life coach and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Kim works diligently ensuring that a woman considering adoption for her child is presented with ALL available options and that she is equipped with what she needs to know to make the best choice for her and her child...including the adoption agencies and firms in her local area as well as all the different families that she can choose from. 

Kim genuinely cares about ensuring that all women considering adoption for their unplanned pregnancy, have access to someone who is on their team, lovingly working FOR THEM.

The adoption experience is one of the most complex relationships that all members of the adoption triad will have to work through.  Going through the adoption process feeling completely alone and unsupported should not have to be one of them!


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Increasingly, the adoption industry is coming under scrutiny for how it cares for and protects the rights, dignity, and emotional needs of birth mothers. Adoptive Parents are more and more likely to work with adoption providers who demonstrate an authentic sensitivty to birth mothers. Sadly, most adoption providers are missing the mark.

By working with Kim at Birth Moms Today, your agency or firm can provide birth mothers with the support and care they need both throughout the adoption process and during the emotional, post-adoption period as well.